Top 10 Most Dangerous Hiking Trails Worldwide

Hiking is one of the most popular adventure activities that involve exploring new places while getting some amazing views. This is a hobby for some but there are people who take this hobby to the next level and go for dangerous hikes. While being treacherous, it can also become fatal as it requires a lot of guts to go on the hiking trails that will get the blood pumping and adrenaline flowing. Along with proper hiking boots, you also need ample amount of hydration and good compass that will help you to navigate through these areas. If you want to test your physical limits then you should know the top 10 most dangerous hiking trails worldwide so that you can reach the top by pushing yourself further. Thus, if you are looking for some serious adventure then you should go ahead with these deadly trails that require a lot of preparation, bravery and special equipment. There are lots of dangers that you might encounter in this route which includes roaring oceans, falling rocks and wildlife as these are the most common things that you will find during your hiking trails. But hiking offers incredible and spectacular views which are worth the risks that you take for getting there. There are a lot of hiking enthusiasts who love going to these remote and dangerous places and overcoming major challenges. This is not for the faint hearted because hiking to these places means that even a small mistake can turn into a serious accident. While there are a lot of dangers in scaling the rusty iron rungs, you might also face instability while hiking up higher where there is a shortage of oxygen at high altitude. Hiking to these dangerous and technically challenging outdoor can be extremely risky and dangerous as these are not created safely. But if you want to test your limit and explore the extreme level of adventure then you should surely go to these hiking trails for an adrenaline rush. After facing all the challenges along the way, reaching your final destination is an amazing and unforgettable experience that will be etched in your memory for a lifetime.

Top 10 most dangerous hiking trails worldwide

1. Cascade Saddle, New Zealand- hiking is the most popular activity in New Zealand and it offers hikers the most glorious views that they have never witnessed in their life. This 11 mile trek is for two days and it is dangerous because the ground is unstable and slippery especially during the monsoon season. The alpine view is also known to distract the hikers and this is also the reason for injuries and accidents that are common in this hiking trail.

2. The Mist trail- this hiking trail on Yosemite is one of the most iconic peaks in the world but it is infamous because of the risks involved in going ahead with this adventure. The deadly statistics of this trail and the technical difficulty it poses for the hikers is the reason why it is considered as the dangerous trails. Climbing the summit is done with the use of the steel cables but only hikers with good level of fitness that go ahead with this adventure.

3. Drakensberg Traverse, South Africa- there is a large number of people who have lost their lives in this trail till date. This 40 mile trek is filled with challenges and dangers especially because it crosses through the Natal National park. Climbing the ridge with the help of rickety chain ladders can be very fatal and it is coupled with many other things like herding trails, animal tracks and rock scrambles.

4. Mount Huashan, China- this infamous hiking trail might be visited by a large number of tourists everywhere to visit the temple. You should skip this trail if you get jitters while climbing heights as it can be extremely risky for you. While this trail is closed during the rainy season, there are certain sections that are beyond limit of the hikers as it becomes even more deadly during the winter months.

5. The Maze, USA- this is a tricky trail to navigate as this region is known for its dead ends making it common for hikers to get lost in the way. But it offers an incredible experience for the hikers after they are able to solve the Maze of this region. There are many hikers who had borne serious injuries and some have even died while hiking in this route.

6. Kokoda Track, Papua New Guinea- plenty of death has been reported during hiking in this region that boast of a 60 mile slog. The slippery roots, ankle deep clay muck and waterfall are the harsh conditions that make survival difficult for the hikers.

7. West Coast Trail Vancouver Island Canada- this 48 mile long trail poses a lot of problems for the hikers due to the waves, tides and tumultuous weather. The inclement weather condition in this area requires a lot of preparation to climb the trail in a successful manner.

8. Devil’s Path, New York State- it is located near Manhattan and considered as the most challenging hiking trails in the world. The extreme condition makes it a tough trek but climbing it is a worthwhile challenge as you get to see a spectacular view.

9. Angle’s Landing Utah- the popularity of this trail might be due to its short hike but it eventually causes traffic jams on the narrow ridge. It is important to be careful during the trek because there are many accidents that take place and causing death of people.

10. Maroon Bells South Ridge, Colorado- this is a deceiving trail that might seem easy to climb but there are a lot of challenges that comes your way. The crumbling rockface and steep rock scrambles makes it extremely dangerous for the hikers as they might fall or meet with an accident during hiking. It is important to be well prepared during the trek and enjoy a successful experience after facing the challenges that comes in route during the hiking.