Nature Loves You: 8 Natural Hearts Found From Hiking

Mother nature loves to show us that she loves us. When you're out hiking, keep an eye out for these natural heart shaped formations. When you see one, you'll feel almost speechless! 

Here's 10 stunning natural hearts we found ​from hiking all around the world. From Nevada all the way to Greece! You'll feel the "love" from mother nature.

Best of all, these formations are all accessible from hiking. Make sure you bring a good camera to snap up some love from mother nature! 

8. Crestline, California, USA

Seeley Creek Falls (also known as Hear Rock Waterfall) is located in Crestline California and is roughly a 1 mile hike each way. The real draw of course is not the waterfall but the almost perfect heart cut-out in the rock. 

The photo of the heart looks small but it could hold two adults easily in each of the half hearts. This gem of a heart is about a 30 minute drive from Inland Empire in San Bernardo and is definitely worth checking out! The hike is very easy and you can bring your whole family. ​

California Heart

7. Maui, Hawaii, USA

This scenic rugged volcanic coastline hike is challenging but has a lot to see. This trail is approximately 2 hours long and you'll be treated to a blowhole and "Acid War Zone" rock formations. 

Be extremely careful around the blowholes though as often the larger unexpected waves pulls the lava and visitors into the ocean. Observe the waves sometime before walking down and look for areas where you can slip.

As for the heart shaped formation, you'll find this rocks right near the ocean shoreline. Look for this jugged rock with the heart shaped hole in the middle. It's hard to miss!

Maui Heart Shaped Formation
Maui Blowhole

6. Milos and Crete, Greece

Two hearts we'd like to share here from the beautiful country of Greece.

The first one is a stone carved heart from Milos. Milos is a Greek Island in the Aegean Sea just north of Crete. It is famous for the statue of Aphrodite and has only around 5,000 inhabitants. Hiking in Milos offers view of amazing heart formations along with polished rocks. It's quite unique and offers a wonderful place to go for a swim!

The second heart is from ​Crete, also a Greek island. This island is a hikers paradise and offers beautiful seas and high mountains. The entire island is criss-crossed with trails and mostly been used by shepherds in the past. Hikers can visit areas that are practically unknown and totally uninhabited. Visit this resource guide if you're interested in more hiking in Greece!

Greece Hearts

Hearts from Milos (left) and Crete (right)

Greece Heart

5. Algarve Caves, Portugal

In the beaches of beautiful Algarve is one of the largest rock formations you'll find. The beaches are absolutely stunning after a hike from the center of Monchique. The summit there is known as Foia and you have a fantastic view of the western Algarve including Lagos. 

Hiking around the Algarve caves is moderate as there are lots of steep cliffs and rock formations. Be careful and exercise caution when around the cliffs. Boats can be rented to get to some of the beaches.​

Algarve 2

4. Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA

Located in California, this park is known for the Joshua Tree which is national park's best known plant. The park is located in the middle of two distinct ecosystems. The Mojave and Colorado join together to form an interesting array of animals and plants. The combination allows for strong winds and surreal geological features. 

There are many moderate to easy trails which are open in the spring, fall and winter. Check out Modern Hiker's guide here to hiking those trails.

The heart shaped rocks are scattered throughout the park. Just keep your eyes peeled and your camera ready! ​


3. Heart Lake, Canada

Situated near Ompah, Ontario, this lake is almost a perfect heart shape. Since 1957, this lake has had more than 5 million visitors. 

Every year the fall colors bring outline the heart and bring out the true colors. It's best to visit this lake during the fall as you can enjoy other activities besides hiking such as biking, boat rental, fishing, and picnics. 

Overall the difficult of the hike to get there is easy. There are slight uphill portions separated by easy flat stretches. 

Heart Lake Canada

2. Gold Coast, Australia

The Gold Coast in Australia is a huge trek that must be broken down into sections. There are trails that span a total of 54km and the nearest major city is Brisbane. The best time to go is from April to October when the temperatures are cooler.

Be on the lookout for heart shaped lakes as there are quite a few of them in the east coast of Australia 

Heart Lake Australia

1. Fire State Park, Nevada, USA

Elephant Rock is one of Nevada's oldest and largest state parks. It's an easy trail of 1.2 miles for hiking. The park has a look to an elephant shaped formation in Nevada Valley's Fire State Park. If you're looking for the elephant rock, it's right near the main entrance at the East of the park.

The sweet spot here is the heart shaped formation in the park which has the rich red sandstone. 

Elephant Rock


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