How To Build A Soda Stove For Hiking

Step by Step Crafting Instructions

Step 1 – Using the sharpie pen, mark holes around the bottoms of one of the two soda cans. Next, mark a dotted line on the bottoms of each of the cans 1 inch from the bottom and 1 inch from the top.


Step 2 – With the scissors, cut the cans at the dotted lines at the top and bottom. Use an exacto knife to get the holes in the bottom of the can. Using the steel wool, sandpaper outside edge of the bottom of the can which will help slide it into the top part of the can. Slide the two parts together as follows:



Step 3 – Poke a hole at bottom of the can. Insert the alcohol into the can when you want to use the stove.



Step 4 – To ignite the stove, fill the alcohol to the bottom of the hole. Light one of the matches and stick it into the middle of the hole and around the sides. Enjoy your flame for hiking, camping and or backpacking!



Photos from: Easy Diy, Mungo Says Bah