How To Build A Soda Stove For Hiking

Be Prepared For Hiking With This Simple Stove

You always want to be ready for emergencies when hiking or camping. This portable stove lets you see in the dark, boil water, cook food and even keep your hands warm. It’s ideal for those who are travelling light and don’t want to be bogged down by heavy stoves.

This tutorial will teach you how to make this stove using a simple soda can in just a few minute. Soda cans are made of aluminum which are the lightest materials around. This stove is lightweight and we carry it in our hiking packs every time just in case.

Safety Considerations

Stoves are great tools for hiking, however, please be safe around the flames. Below are some safety considerations as you use the soda stove:

  • Do not use inside tents or enclosed spaces. This can create a huge fire risk and can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Always carry storm proof matches to light the stove in all conditions
  • Carry the burning alcohol in small container and not in the stove for transportation to prevent leakage into your pack.
  • Be careful of the soda can after igniting as it is extremely hot.

Soda Stove Materials

Making the soda stove is very easy. All you’ll need is the below materials:

  • 2 x empty soda pop cans
  • Combustible alcohol – We keep a small bottle of this in our pack. No need to fill the bottle first.
  • 1 x scissors
  • 1 x exacto knife
  • 1 x steel wool
  • 1 x sharpie pen


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