"How To Anticipate Trail Hazards and Dangerous Animals

Even If You Can't Spot Them...

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How To Anticipate Dangerous Trail Hazards
(And Why Nobody Talks About It)

Imagine this.

You're hiking in New Mexico. You're on a 12-mile hike and you're caught in some bad weather. There's lightening and thunder. 

This causes the trail to become extremely slippery. You try to cross the slippery surfaces and almost slip. Lucky you didn't because you would've fallen into a creek and injured your hip. 

As you keep going, you see a stream crossing in the distance. You try to cross over the rocks. Your balance on rock slabs starts to give but kept your footing to cross. 

Then in the distance you see a bear. You're originally from an area that doesn't have bears (or much hiking). What type of bear is it and what is your reaction to handle this situation? You sidestep the bear and look down at your feet.

Right at your shoe you see plant life like poison oak. But is it poisonous? You aren't sure but keep your distance. 

As you hike further, you go through some tall grass. There's a hissing noise and you see a snake at your feet. You dread the chance of encountering a hostile snake. What should you do?

Does some of this sound familiar?

Sometimes you hear these horror encounters over the news.

hiking safety statistics

Other times you don't hear anything in the news. And why is that? 

It's because hikers in general don't report safety incidents when they are a victim. They get injured, bitten by a snake, or slip on a rough surface. They let the park authorities know and nurse at home. In very few cases do they make the news. 

But all this can be avoidable once we discover how to anticipate trail hazards.

This is why I put together an ebook covering everything you need to anticipate dangerous trail hazards.

And based on everything you’ve told me, and the situation you’re in right now, I think this resource is something that might be helpful.

Let me explain…

​Discover EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Preparing For Your Hike

Hi, my name is Nate Lau.

And I’ve been hiking for as long as I can remember…

In a moment, I’m about to share with you information that took me a lifetime to discover... and show you how to ​discover EVERYTHING you need to know about hiking safety all in one place!

... And the best part?

You Can Check Everything Out For FREE If You Choose!

But before I go on, I should probably start by telling you my story.

If you can’t tell by now, hiking is a bit of an “obsession” for me and my wife. Together we hike 3 times a month finding trails to hike from all over the world.

We always find tips and tricks from talking to hikers we meet on the trail…

We even started a Facebook group with over 77,854 followers to date to share these tips and learn from other hikers around the world.

Hikingfeed facebook followers

So naturally, my wife and I decided to compile a hiking book — which I’ve titled "Hiking Safety: How to Avoid Calamities and Really Enjoy The Great Outdoors" — to help hikers experience safety improvements in hiking in a matter of a few weeks.

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Before writing this book, we initiated a research project to interview hikers from around the world. They ranged from ‘newbies’ who hiked once a year to seasoned experts who hike over 5 times a month.

We set out to find out exactly what information would be the most valuable in a comprehensive “how-to” book about hiking safety.

This Book Consumed 6 Months Of Our Lives...
And We Loved Every Minute Of It

Fast forward today, the final book "Hiking Safety: How to Avoid Calamities and Really Enjoy The Great Outdoors" is everything you need to know about preparing for your day hiking… explained step-by-step, and complete with dozens of photographs.

Hiking Safety small

This book also contains word-of-mouth tips and tricks. This is the true gold that you won't find anywhere else. Info you’d otherwise discover only after decades of REAL “feet on the trail” experience - including all those tough questions that you can’t just get by by doing an internet search or by reading any other book.

And unlike most hiking books, everything is explained in plain English, without any boring jargon.

We wrote everything and made it as entertaining and easily understandable as possible.

AND we made the book available to almost everyone because we offer a complete, no-risk opportunity to check out the book FREE, if you choose…

Writing a book takes a lot of time and effort and I don't take it lightly.

My latest book (which I wrote about Hiking as well) was recently named an Amazon Bestseller. It took a lot out of me and that's why I want you to know that Hiking Safety was written with quality in mind.

It was written so that you can get the most of your next hike because your time is precious. 

Amazon Bestseller the success journey

Here's A Sneak Peak of What You're About To Discover in Hiking Safety

How To Know What Hazards You're Going To Face

  • How to get an accurate read of the trail so you can stay safe
  • How to assess the difficulty of a trail even if you find it 
  • When you should cross a stream and when you shouldn't and what to do instead
  • What to look out for when crossing a stream
  • Tips to prevent exhaustion while hiking
  • How to prevent blisters from wet feet

How to Handle Downward Slopes and Descend Safely

  • How to avoid falling and what to do instead...
  • 3 different types of dangerous ground every hiker should be aware of
  • How to react on dangerous ground even if you're not ready for it
  • How to prepare your body for elevation changes
  • 9 small ways to help you descend and make you a safer hiker
  • When to avoid scaling cliffs (and what to do if you absolutely have to)

How To React To Dangerous Plants and Wild Animals

  • How to spot plants that harm and ways to avoid them
  • How to identify poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac
  • How to remove the poisonous plant oil and get treated 
  • How to spot animals that are a threat such as bears, mountain lions and snakes
  • What to do when you're walking your dog and encounter wild animals
  • What to do if you're attacked by a bear, mountain lion or snake

And this just scratches the surface…

As you can see, we wrote “Hiking Safety: How to Avoid Calamities and Really Enjoy The Great Outdoors” as the only book in hiking safety you’ll ever need. And if you’re like the vast majority of readers, you’ll be well along your way to mastering hiking like an experienced hiker.

But don’t just take my word for it…

Here’s what actual readers are saying about this book.

What People (Like You) Are Saying About 'Hiking Safety: How to Avoid Calamities and Really Enjoy The Great Outdoors'

Brain S testimonial hiking safety

Billy S.

 Salt Lake City, Utah

"The biggest discovery for me was knowing what I was up against before I even hit the trail

I haven't run into any issues, but I've had the same question that not a single person has been able to answer for me: What do I do if I run into a bear while I'm hiking with my dog?

I'm originally from an area that doesn't have bears (or much hiking), and I've since learned that different types of bears warrant different reactions. What I haven't yet learned is how to handle a situation with two unpredictable, opposing animals. Will my dog scare a bear, or will the bear take him as a challenge?

Some have said not to worry about my dog and to put my own safety first, but let's be honest here; no dog-lover is going to want to leave their favorite hiking partner behind!

And that was the biggest discovery for me was knowing what I was up against before I even hit the trail! This book taught me all about that and now I'm confident to hike with my dog.

"Now I'm ready for these rugged paths. They don't bother me no more and  I know how to anticipate them.

My biggest challenge has been falling.

With experience I have gained a great understanding of how slippery surfaces can be without looking like it and from just keeping my footing in more rugged paths. I did have a good fall down into a creek and I injured my hip, I was pretty upset because I knew right before my foot hit the ground that I just messed up.

That was before I read the book. Now I'm ready for these rugged paths. They don't bother me no more and I know how to anticipate them.

Thank you for the help. I would highly recommend this e-book because it makes you hike in a totally new and helpful way. It's a pleasant and short easy read!

April McManus hiking safety

April M.

Seattle, Washington

Harry C hiking safety

Harry C.

Manila, Phillipines

"The best part for me was learning how to deal with elevation changes

I am a novice hiker and really love to hike up high mountains

I'm very well prepared with the right gear and I research. I've never been in too bad of a situation except when I had to deal with high altitude.

I purchased Hiking Safety as I was certain it would provide me information on how my body deals with altitude compression.

Hiking Safety confirmed some practices I was already doing and telling me more how to be one with my hiking environment. The best part for me was learning how to deal with I have been with others suffering bad altitude sickness, though.

There's basically no good reason not to buy Hiking Safety. It's hands down the best money I've spent this year.

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Why do I do this?

Yes, it’s a financial gamble for me… But that’s how confident I am that you’re going to be thrilled with this book. We poured our heart and soul into it - and spilled the beans on everything we know. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

Want to Check This Out For Yourself?
You can...Without Risking A Penny

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You don't want to continue going through the same safety challenges of hiking again over and over again. Spend a little time learning how to seriously prepare for your hike before you hit the trails. And your hikes will be more enjoyable, fun and exciting. 

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When you decide to purchase, you're in for a real treat. You'll be on your way to learning everything you need to know about hiking safely — all in one place! 

Sincerely yours,

Nathan Lau

"The Hiking Feeder" :-) 

P.S. And remember — when you order right now, you DO NOT RISK A SINGLE PENNY because you're completely protected by a 6-month 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you decide to return the ebook for a fast refund with your 6-month "check it out" period, you will have seen ALL these hiking safety secrets for FREE. No hard feelings and we'll part as friends. That's how confidence we are that you're going to love this ebook. And I think you're going to flip over the info you discover.

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