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Why You Don't Have Stamina To Hike
(And What To Do About It Now)

If you are like most people struggling on the trails, then, you know.

​Imagine this.

Let's say you've set out time to hike. You’ve chosen your hike, you pack your gear, and you’re ready to hit the trail. It makes you happy when you think of the trail, the outdoors and the excitement of exercising.

You arrive at the start of the trail and begin your hike.

Then a half hour later, you’re getting your workout in and start to breath more heavily you say ‘Okay, not a big deal.’

An hour later, your legs start to feel a slight burning sensation. And this is the point where you question yourself ‘Can I do this? Why does my body feel like it's going to give out?’

Tired Hiker

Does this look familiar?

  1. Your heart is pounding after a few minutes of uphill climb. 
  2. Your quadriceps hurt when you go downhill and resort to going down sideways. You then step on your ankles.
  3. You are short of breath (often) and can't go long without a break to smell the roses
  4. Your ankles are not stable with each step you take.
  • Restore your stamina and tackle those tougher trails
  • Strengthen and train your body before your hike
  • Discover stretching techniques that prepares your body for the hike
  • Discover how to carry your body properly and land on your footing better during your hike
  • Discover how to consciously move your body to land when stepping down from racks and logs
  • Discover how to deal with some of the biggest challenges and troublespots when it comes to increasing your stamina to get on harder trails
stamina restored
peace and calm

Which is why I put together an ebook covering everything you need to restore your stamina to get to those harder trails step-by-step.

And based on everything you’ve told me, and the situation you’re in right now, I think this resource is something that might be helpful.

Let me explain…

​Discover EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Preparing For Your Hike

Hi, my name is Nate Lau.

And I’ve been hiking for as long as I can remember…

In a moment, I’m about to share with you information that took me a lifetime to discover... and show you how to ​discover EVERYTHING you need to know about preparing for your hike all in one place!

... And the best part?

You Can Check Everything Out For FREE If You Choose!

But before I go on, I should probably start by telling you my story.

If you can’t tell by now, hiking is a bit of an “obsession” for me and my wife. Together we hike 3 times a month finding trails to hike from all over the world.

We always find tips and tricks from talking to hikers we meet on the trail…

We even started a Facebook group with over 77,854 followers to date to share these tips and learn from other hikers around the world.

Hikingfeed facebook followers

So naturally, my wife and I decided to compile a hiking book — which I’ve titled Hikerprep: The Complete Simple Guide To Easy Hiking Preparation — to help hikers experience dramatic improvements in hiking in a matter of a few weeks.

Hikerprep facebook final small

Before writing this book, we initiated a research project to interview hikers from around the world. They ranged from ‘newbies’ who hiked once a year to seasoned experts who hike over 5 times a month.

We set out to find out exactly what information would be the most valuable in a comprehensive “how-to” book about hiking.

This Book Consumed 6 Months Of Our Lives...
And We Loved Every Minute Of It

Fast forward today, the final book “Hikerprep: The Complete Simple Guide To Easy Hiking Preparation” is everything you need to know about preparing for your day hiking… explained step-by-step, and complete with dozens of diagrams, tables and photographs.

Hikerprep the complete simple guide to easy hiking preparation

This book also contains word-of-mouth tips and tricks. This is the true gold that you won't find anywhere else. Info you’d otherwise discover only after decades of REAL “feet on the trail” experience - including all those tough questions that you can’t just get by by doing an internet search or by reading any other book.

And unlike most backpacking books, everything is explained in plain English, without any boring jargon.

We wrote everything and made it as entertaining and easily understandable as possible.

AND we made the book available to almost everyone because we offer a complete, no-risk opportunity to check out the book FREE, if you choose…

Writing a book takes a lot of time and effort and I don't take it lightly.

My latest book (which I wrote about Hiking as well) was recently named an Amazon Bestseller. It took a lot out of me and that's why I want you to know that Hikerprep was written with quality in mind.

It was written so that you can get the most of your next hike because your time is precious. 

Amazon Bestseller the success journey

Here's A Sneak Peak of What You're About To Discover in HikerPrep

How To Build Stamina And Attack More Challenging Trails

  • What physical tests to do for assessing your hiking fitness level.
  • What trail level and ratings mean to you and your hike.
  • Which exercises to strengthen muscle groups used for hiking.
  • What 4 routines needed for strengthening quadraceps, inner and outer thighs, stabalizing ankles.
  • Ways to build your cardio endurance, calculate your intensive training zone.
  • How to physically prepare for hiking.
  • What stretching exercises to do to improve hiking strides, flexibility and power.
  • What hip flexor stretches, IT band stretches, calves stretches, and hamstring stretches to do and when.
  • How to develop powerful legs for a better hiking experience.
  • Step-by-step instructions for reducing the stress of eccentric contractions.
  • Ways to overcome altitude hikes and altitude sickness.

How To Plan Your Hikes And Find Trails That Fit Your Ability

  • How to find trails that are your perfect match for your ability
  • Our favorite hiking logistics apps that will save you time and headaches
  • What essential information you need before you go on your hike and who you should brief
  • How to create a hiking itinerary for family and friends to contact in case of emergency
  • Navigational skills that hikers of all levels should know 
  • Little known ways to find essential trail information that will help you advance your ability
  • Ways to prepare for varied weather conditions on the trail such as thunder showers
  • Ways to orient your topographical map and be a better navigator

How To Know What To Pack and How Much Food, Water And Safety Gear to Bring

  • How to bring the right hiking clothing and prepare for the hot or cold
  • How to choose the right pair of hiking boots with the right sole and fit
  • Types of shirts, pants and jackets to bring
  • What types of hiking accessories to pack
  • How much water to bring and amount to drink to stay hydrated
  • How much food to bring on your hike including meal ideas
  • Types of emergency supplies to bring 
  • How to choose the right size hiking pack (and why it matters)
  • Lists of essential hiking and backpacking gear to bring

Hiking Mindset - How To Find The Motivation, Attitude and Time to Hike

  • How to prepare your mindset days leading up to your hike
  • How to set realistic hiking goals for a stress-free (and pleasant) hike
  • Ways hiking promotes mindfulness and self-esteem
  • How to find the motivation, attitude and time to hike
  • How to maintain focus while hiking
  • How to assess your mindset after the hike
  • Ways to treat depression and anxiety through hiking

And this just scratches the surface…

As you can see, we wrote “Hikerprep: The Complete Simple Guide To Easy Hiking Preparation” as the only book in hiking preparation you’ll ever need. And if you’re like the vast majority of readers, you’ll be well along your way to mastering hiking like an experienced hiker.

But don’t just take my word for it…

Here’s what actual readers are saying about this book.

Hikerprep the complete simple guide to easy hiking preparation

What People (Like You) Are Saying About 'Hikerprep: The Complete Simple Guide To Easy Hiking Preparation'

 Terrance B. 

 Panorama City, Los Angeles 

"The biggest benefit was discovering what I needed to do quickly prepare for any hike and spend more time on the trails.

I tried it and it worked. Without your help it would have taken me a long time to realize both the importance of hiking preparation, fitness and mindset. The biggest benefit was learning what I needed to do to quickly prepare for any hike and spend more time on the trails. I tried it and it worked. Without your help it would have taken me a long time to realize both the importance of hiking preparation, fitness and mindset. 

"I was stopped in my tracks with the fitness part because that's what I was interested in the most.

I just started hiking again this year and frankly was struggling with the whole hiking preparation part. The information was very insightful and in fact helped me see that my fitness can be improved in three ways not one (among others)!

My fitness level was not what was it was and the information helped me to see how to improve my fitness before my hike. The exercises I came up with are now being used on all my hikes, all because of your book Hikerprep!

While reading and figuring out my exercises, my enthusiasm just blossomed. It also taught me how to set expectations and have the right mindset before hiking. I knew it on a gut level but when I compare to other hikers, I could very clearly see how my mindset just really stands out.

I would highly recommend this e-book because it makes you hike in a totally new and helpful way.

Samantha E.

Phoenix, Arizona

Bill and Fanny N.


"The feature I enjoyed most was how to calculate trail difficulty

I have a very high trail completion rate when it comes to hiking, but I'm interested in tackling harder trails over the next year, rather substantially.

I purchased HikingPrep as I was certain that it would provide useful info about how to actually go about doing that without experiencing excessive body aches, stamina, and mindset frustrations.

HikingPrep confirmed some practices I was already using — showing me why it was working and how to make it work even better. It also gave me an easy to use checklist for preparing for any hike that I choose to do at any time of the day. I feel confident now when I go for my hikes.

Many hikers I know have all sorts of issues on the trails — this should take away some of those issues if not all of them.

There's basically no good reason not to buy HikingPrep. It's hands down the best $30 I've spent this year.

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Now before I even mention a price, let me make it perfectly clear how EASY this decision really is.

I will shoulder all the risk here.

That's right. When you order now, you don't risk a single penny. Why? Because you are covered by a super generous guarantee.

6-Month 100% Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. Read it, use it, treat it as your own. If you are not completely thrilled with what you've discovered, after 6 months (plenty of time to test everything out on your own trails yourself), then I INSIST that you return the book to us for a fast refund of your purchase price. No questions asked. NO hassles either.

Why do I do this?

Yes, it’s a financial gamble for me… But that’s how confident I am that you’re going to be thrilled with this book. We poured our heart and soul into it - and spilled the beans on everything we know. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

Want to Check This Out For Yourself?
You can...Without Risking A Penny

You must order right away... and here's why:

You don't want to continue going through the same challenges of hiking again over and over again. Spend a little time learning how to seriously prepare for your hike before you hit the trails. And your hikes will be more enjoyable, fun and exciting. 

So don’t delay. Order today, while it’s on your mind and before this opportunity vanishes forever.

And I almost forgot — when you order right now, we’re also going to send you…​

hikerprep - the complete simple guide to hiking preparation

Two Fabulous Bonuses
(Available With The Premium Package)

BONUS #1 - 30-60-120 Fitness Calendar and Planner

A few years ago, my body was aching during and after my day hikes. This aching period only got longer as I continued to age. Then, I discovered a few exercises that helped me recover faster.

I took note of this and created the 30-60-120 fitness calendar for maintaining my body when I'm not on the trails. It helped me minimize the aches and sores after hiking. And now I can go on multi-day hikes.

We recently had this professionally designed and laid out. And when you order the premium package, you'll receive the 30-60-120 calendar and planner with your order.

By the way, I've had numerous people tell me this calendar and planner alone was worth the cost of their book (once it was set in motion).

($27.00 Value)

BONUS #2 - Day Hiking Preparation Checklist

When I was first getting started with hiking, I created a simple quick-reference checklist to help me remember what to pack for each and every hike. And not too long ago, people started asking me for a similar checklist for their hikes.

So I went through my old notes, dug up that original worn-out, hand-written checklist, added a few more critical points and had it done up professionally.

Now it's one of my most sought-after resources - and because it's so near and dear to my heart, I only make it available from time to time.

So until i decide to take it down again (which could be tomorrow or next month, I haven't decided yet), you'll receive a copy of it included when you order the book today with the premium pacakge! ​

($15.00 Value)

You'll get a ton of good stuff included with your order... at an embarrassingly reasonable price... AND if for some reason you’re not 100% satisfied, you’ve got nothing to worry about, because you don’t risk a penny! :)

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I understand that if I wait… even until tomorrow, I could come back to this site and find the bonuses are no longer available. I understand that by ordering the Premium Package TODAY, I’m guaranteed to receive ALL of the following:

  • THE EBOOK: Hikerprep: The Complete Simple Guide To Easy Hiking Preparation
  • BONUS #1: The 30-60-120 Fitness Calendar and Planner
  • BONUS #2: Day Hiking Preparation Checklist


Hikerprep: The Complete Simple Guide To Easy Hiking Preparation (PDF)


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Hikerprep: The Complete Simple Guide To Easy Hiking Preparation (PDF valued at $27)

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  • The 30-60-120 Fitness Calendar and Planner ($27)
  • Day Hiking Preparation Checklist ($15)

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Whichever option you've decided to order, you're in for a real treat. You'll be on your way to learning everything you need to know about preparing for your hikes — all in one place! 

Sincerely yours,

Nathan Lau

"The Hiking Feeder" :-) 

P.S. And remember — when you order right now, you DO NOT RISK A SINGLE PENNY because you're completely protected by a 6-month 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you decide to return the ebook for a fast refund with your 6-month "check it out" period, you will have seen ALL these hiking secrets for FREE and you get to keep your TWO FREE BONUSES. No hard feelings and we'll part as friends. That's how confidence we are that you're going to love this ebook. And I think you're going to flip over the info you discover.

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