American Hiker To Trek From Argentina To Alaska in 5 Years

Bethany Hughes Plans 20,000 Mile Trip In 5 Years For Women And Children

Starting on November 4, Bethany Hughes will be hiking what no other woman has done before: from the southern tip of Argentina to Alaska. This is no easy trek and will take her 5 years to complete.

​Why Is bethany doing this?

​It's a remarkable story really. Along her trek, she is hoping that she can empower women from around the world to do what they were born to do. She wants to help children realize their dreams and to live them out. 

She wanted to take 4 to 6 years out of busy schedule to walk and meet people by stopping at villages along her route. Inspiring those people, figuring out how they live and how to contribute educationally is one of her main focuses. She also wants to understand the societal needs, and lend a hand for others. 

Bethany Hughes

Bethany's Background

As it turns out, Bethany ​grew up in Ecuador, Chile and the Dominican Republic. She has close ties with South America and now living in the United States she sees both sides of the Americas.

She says that she is a "person of privilege" and can do or dream about anything and she has the freedom to make it happen. She wants to bring this message to all of the South American and American children and women to live the dream like she has. ​

Hughes studied at Oxford in the past and has saved up a small fortune for the trip. She has taken wilderness survival classes to prepare for things that she can not anticipate but she knows the journey is high risk. 

Bethany knows how to navigate technology and will make use of Google Earth and DeLrme's GPS system to stay on track. ​


Argentina To Alaska Key Hiking Facts

  • Bethany Hughes is only 29 and she is doing this via non-motorized means so this means it'll take her roughly 5 years to complete.
  • ​This hike is approximately 20,000 miles long
  • Bethany has saved up $60,000 USD for this hike
  • She will have a trail companion for the South America portion: Lauren Reed
  • She will travel by foot, bicycle, canoe, and perhaps dog sled
  • She will carry supplies on her person, restocking as needed in villages

Consider Giving

We here at Hiking Feed feel truly inspired by Bethany's cause. If you also feel moved, please consider visiting her website or donating using the link below. We 100% endorse Bethany and her trek from Argentina to Alaska.


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