5 Essential Tips For Hiking Havasupai In The Grand Canyon

Havasupai Falls in the Grand Canyon is one of America’s most breathtaking natural waterfalls. However, without proper preparation, the journey can be extremely tiring.

If you have planned your trip a few months ahead and in good hiking shape you will find the below tips very helpful. Below are 5 essential tips for hiking Havasupai to make it a journey of a lifetime!

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1. Hike with Family and Friends

Disconnect from everyday life to have a trip of a lifetime. This means leave your smart phone off and spending time with those you are hiking with. Get to know them better and it will help build bonds and connections that last a lifetime. Remember to take lots of pictures as there are lots of people who will be extremely jealous of your hike on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

2.  Make a Reservation 6-8 months In Advance

Havasupai is a destination for all types of hikers from beginners to advanced. However, there are lots that get turned away because they did not make a reservation in advance. To be safe, make a reservation 6-8 months in advance to book your time. You can make a reservation from this website.

havasupai travel tips waterfalls thisworldexists this world exists utah wesley hawkins

3. Bring Along Essential Hiking Gear

There are lots of recommended gear to bring and the last thing you want is to be eaten alive by mosquitoes and bugs. Some of the essentials include:

  • Baby Powder – Reduces chafing of clothes. Great for drying up after your dips in the river
  • Hiking Shoes – Make sure they are tried and tested before you hike with them. Do not bring brand new hiking shoes.
  • Dehydrated Food – Bring plenty of lightweight food including dried apples, mangoes and peaches. Campfires are not allowed.
  • Pain Killers – Bring out the good ol’ Advil to avoid the aches and pains from hiking. Bring also plenty of band aids for the blisters
  • Sunscreen – You’re in the desert.
  • Bug Spray – There are PLENTY of bugs. Bring some good bug spray with DEET.

There is also a more complete list of items in this guide here.

havasupai travel tips waterfalls thisworldexists this world exists utah wesley hawkins

4. Bring Along Fun Items

You’re going to be hiking in one of America’s hidden gem playgrounds. Make sure you pack some fun! These are recommended to ensure your Havasupai hike is more memorable:

  • Misty Mate Neck Cooler and Water Mister – This will keep your neck and face cool. If you haven’t used one before, you’ll be amazed how refresh you feel after a few sprays!
  • Water Shoes – This will help you climb up waterfalls or any walk across any slippery rocks
  • Flotation Device and Beach Balls – This is fun in the water.
  • Hammock & String or Ties for Hanging – This is perfect for watching the stars at night. The stars under the Havasupai sky is amazing.
  • GoPro Camera – There’s nothing like a wide angle Go Pro camera that you can use to film all the fun you’re having. This camera is also waterproof.

5. Know Your Route

The whole route to see all the waterfalls is 30-35 miles. Make sure you pack comfortably and know which waterfalls you want to see beforehand. Once you have a plan, make sure you pack your bags accordingly. Evenly distribute the weight of your pack evenly on both sides and make sure you’re comfortable with the weight. Read our article on common mistakes beginner hikers make and avoid them at all costs.


Photo Credits: Thisworldexists.org