The 20 Best Hiking Spots in Northern California

11. Stout Memorial Grove

hiking feed Stout Memorial Grove

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Redwoods fill this grove that provides an easy but enchanting hike, with only 75 feet of elevation change. The trees that line the pathways of this trail give hikers a surreal, otherworldly experience.


12. Iceberg Lake Trail

hiking feed iceberg lake trail

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This is a short but memorable trail that provides amazing views of alpines and, quite possibly, a lake filled with icebergs as the name suggests. The lake is surrounded by steep slopes that create dazzling reflections.


13. Steep Ravine Trail to Dipsea Trail Loop

hiking feed steep ravine

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This trail transports you to the past as you traverse wooden bridges and a moss-covered ladder that is 10 feet long. The hike itself is rewarding, and the addition of a canyon that’s part of the trail makes the trek even more memorable.


14. Kortum Trail

Hiking Feed Kortum Trail

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The almost 4-mile trail provides views of the Pacific Ocean and bouldering rocks across a coastal path. The relatively short trail makes this an exciting prospect for inexperienced hikers.


15. Lands End Coastal Trail

hiking feed lands end

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This is a popular trail as it provides views of the Golden Gate and the Pacific Ocean. The trail is also easily accessible within San Francisco, making it a favorite among locals.


16. Crooked Lakes Trail to Penner Lake

hiking feed cooked lakes

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A trail that features a plethora of lakes, this moderate hike culminates in Penner Lake, arguably the crowning jewel of the Crooked Lakes. Spectacular views of Alpine-lined lakes await those who take on the 7 ½ mile-journey.


17. Mount Saint Helena

hiking feed st helens

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The highest peak in the California Wine County at about 4,000 feet, this hike is no small feat. However, the summit provides a stunning view of the whole county especially during clear winter days.


18. Point St. George Heritage Area

HIking Feed Point St. George

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Panoramic views of coasts and the Siskoyou Mountains are offered by this trail. Lakes and lagoons are also accessible through additional trails that connect with the Heritage Area.


19. Sandstone Peak

Sandstone Peak

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Vistas of seemingly endless mountains greet those who climb Sandstone Peak, the highest point in the Sta. Monica Mountains at more than 3,000 feet. Rock formations, ravines, and cliffs are among those that hikers will come across along the way.


20. Eagle Lake

hiking feed Eagle_Lake_California

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The lake will be reached upon climbing rock stairs and going past Eagle Falls. The view is breathtaking as the lake mirrors the trees and mountains that surround it.


The Bottom Line

Northern California does not disappoint when it comes to spots that appeal to both beginner and experienced hikers. The fact that many of these hiking spots are within an arm’s reach for most locals further increases the allure of these natural wonders.

This list does not even begin to cover the wealth of color, sights, and history that await those who are willing to go through what these trails have to offer. Challenge yourself and experience the unique journeys these spots have to offer.


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