10 Of The Most Terrifying, Most Scariest, And Most Extreme Hiking Bridges In The World

They say that to overcome your fears, you should face them head on. If you’re afraid of heights (a symptom known as acrophobia), these bridges might not be the best place to start conquering our fears.

It is estimated that 5% of the general population have acrophobia and while most everyone experiences anxiety at the thought of walking through these bridges, the fear is greater for some.

Take a look and see if you have that anxiety.


Bridge #10 – Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge, Ireland


Photo Credit: Flickr / Jason Fifield


Hike Notes: If you cross the bridge you’ll be rewarded with an amazing view of Rathlin Island. In addition, you’ll see the green water flowing around the ancient caves and caverns below.

Bridge Engineering: The bridge has been up for more than 350 years and built by salmon fishermen long ago. It’s made of rope and wood that’s lasted through the ages.

Height of Bridge: Almost 100ft (30 m) above sea level.


Bridge #9 – Haohan Qiao Bridge (Brave Man’s Bridge), China

Haohan Qiao Bridge, China

Haohan Qiao Bridge, China

Hike Notes: Located in the Shiniuizhai National Geological Park in southern China, the Haohan Qiao Bridge is quite accessible by bus or by walking. This bridge is newly constructed and just recently open to the public.

Bridge Engineering: This bridge is 980 ft long and is completely made of glass. The glass is 3-quarter of an inch thick and is extremely resistant to both shattering and bending. The bridge is more than 25 times stronger than ordinary glass and is encapsulated by a steel frame for maximum sturdiness.

Height of Bridge: 600 feet above the canyon situated between 2 cliffs.

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