10 Night Hiking Tips That Will Keep You Safe

Hiking at night, whether by choice or because of poor planning is completely different than hiking during the day. You’ll see less, hear more sounds and trek more carefully. The trip can a really positive experience if you’re fully prepared.

Here are some highly recommended things to keep in mind for a safe night hike:

Night Tip #1 – Choose A Familiar Trail

Illuminate Trail

It’s not a good time to go exploring the wilderness or a unknown trail, at night. Always trek a trail you are familiar with or have done before.

This will eliminate the chances of getting lost, and you’ll be more familiar with the terrain.

Furthermore, you’ll be amazed at how good the trail looks like at night!


Night Tip #2 – Don’t Forget To Pack Food and Water

Water and Food

Not bringing enough water on a hike may be one of the most common mistakes made by beginner hikers. It’s cooler at night and it’s just as important to stay hydrated.

Keeping some snacks and maintaining the blood sugar at an optimal level is also key. Make sure you pack enough food before you leave home.

When you’re eating, be aware that some of the food may bring smells that attract the wildlife. Be environmentally friendly and make sure you take the trash with you when you leave!


Night Tip #3 – Check The Weather Before You Go

Check The Weather

It a good idea to check the weather before you hit the trails at night. There might be some unexpected rain or snow that may intersect with your path. A good resource is The Weather Network or the weather app on your smart phone.

Make sure you also check out if the moon is out as that could provide you extra light. Also, check when the sun will be rising as you probably don’t want to miss that if you’re hiking out late into the night.

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